School of AI Brussels is a learning community for everyone who wants to learn about Artificial Intelligence. We organise hands-on workshops and study-groups on Python, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. All levels of knowledge are welcome – no matter your background or level of skills.

Our meetups are an opportunity to discuss some basic concepts and use-cases of Artificial Intelligence, including its ethical, legal and political implications.

We also organise hands-on coding workshops with different coding challenges – designed for beginners, intermediates or more advanced learners and practitioners. The goal is to explore different aspects of artificial intelligence, and to demystify what is in the “AI black box” and to dissect how algorithms work, as well as what (and who) influences their decision-making.

We are part of a global AI learning community, with the mission to offer world-class AI education to anyone on Earth for free. Our doors are open to all those who wish to learn. School of AI is a learning community that spans almost every country dedicated to teaching our students how to make a positive impact in the world using AI technology, whether that’s through employment or entrepreneurship.